Opportunity Description

Design, supply and installation of elevators, including car, stainless steel landing doors, landing door frames, controls, hall buttons and lanterns, car lighting, safety equipment, elevator machinery, counterweights, ropes, door sill angles, hoist beams, bufers, guide rails, holding down, anchor bolts and builders work in connection with elevators, including testing and commissioning. The majority of the elevators will be of the machine room-less type, with speeds of 1.0 or 1.6 metres per second. Elevators will be in accordance with the EN81 set of codes, including compliance with EN81-20, EN81-50 and EN81-70. A number of the lifts will be for fre-fghting use in accordance with EN81- 72. Car fnishes will vary from standard stainless steel for back of house and goods lifts to bespoke interiors for VIP and VVIP elevators.

Potential Liaising with regional and international manufacturers and suppliers for production, supply and installation of elevators and conveyor systems.

Estimated Demand for Proposed FIFA World Cup™ Stadiums 110 units

Timeline Procurement in 2017 and 2018

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