From pink sinks to a freight elevator, 5 finds Legacy Architectural Salvage made in 2017

In with the old while you make way for the new. That’s the sentiment of Legacy Architectural Salvage, a project of the Historic Wilmington Foundation.
Legacy Architectural Salvage mines for hidden treasures set to be tossed aside for modern renovations and accepts donations from those willing to save pieces from the past.
Builders, homeowners, renovators and those interested in preserving the past all regularly donate to and explore the warehouse’s varied selection
All of the project’s proceeds go towards enhancing and preserving historic downtown Wilmington through the Wilmington Historic Foundation.
This year, the project found some interesting and historical pieces of note.
Here’s what the group says is its freight elevator
This 1800s era Philadelphia freight elevator was salvaged from WAVE transit’s old station on Castle Street last month.

This freight elevator has a car platform, which suggests its an earlier model than some of the cart designs that became popular in the late 1800s.
Helms said she wasn’t sure how the historic Philadelphia elevator ended up in North Carolina.

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